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Каталог Belden DataTwist

The DataTwist range of unshielded cables – your safety belt for fast applications.

Belden DataTwist™
Setting new standards in reliability for unshielded cables.
DataTwist – an extensive range of high-performance structured wiring cables made by Belden. With their excellent DataTwist cables BeldenEMC properties the unshielded DataTwist 17XX series of cables are the convincing solution for satisfying the requirements of tomorrow. The extraordinary performance of these cables provides the highest level of data integrity in demanding installations. DataTwist cables from Belden are the result of a new high-precision manufacturing process. Extremely stable characteristics are obtained thanks to the patent pending design. This factor, combined with their outstanding transmission properties, means they enable structured cabling at the highest level of technology, both now and future.
Belden DataTwist series of unshielded cables opens a new dimension in data transfer reliability. They have been tested by Delta to the international ISO/IEC IS 11801 standard and awarded certification. DataTwist products thus meet the most exacting international specifications. DataTwist cables presented in this brochure are also available in halogen-free and Siamese constructions.

Using our cable has decisive advantages.

The outstanding performance characteristics of Belden’s 17XX series of unshielded DataTwist cables extend over a whole range of electrical parameters. Direct comparison with the requirements of the standards for Category 5 reveals that they provide convincing advantages, for example: An improvement of over 400% in the values for capacitance unbalance.

The advantage: marked reduction in noise: as a result of the capacitance of both conductors being the same.

Up to 50% reduction in impedance tolerance and SRL (Structural Return Loss).

The advantage: strong, clear signal: because less energy is lost as the signal is propagated along the conductor. For further advantages please refer to our specification sheets. 
DataTwist – adjoined core wires ensure optimal properties.

The reliability of DataTwist doesn’t just happen.

It is the result of a high-precision, innovative manufacturing process. The 17XX series is distinguished by a special, patented design. Adjoined conductors and the highest manufacturing accuracy give these cables a geometrical stability which is way above average. This results in outstanding electrical properties and the highest degree of reliability in demanding installations. In the Belden production process the cable’s individual, isolated conductors are longitudinally fixed and stabilized in such a way that:

an exact and constant spacing is maintained between the two conductors;
the individual conductors of a pair are manufactured under identical mechanical pretension;
a precise axial twisting of the insulated cores is maintained over the entire cable length and that the core twist, which is decisive for the consistency of the electrical parameters, remains constant both during the manufacturing process and installation.

Safe and sound.
DataTwist – safety by proven quality.
Customers world-wide value the reliability of Belden cables. The use of statistical process analysis ensures that the fixed specification is maintained. The stability of all individual electrical and mechanical values is guaranteed using the most up-to-date process control. This ensures that every installed cable always meets the desired requirements. All Belden development plants, production plants and sales offices are certified according to ISO 9001 or ISO 9002.

Highly balanced construction gives outstanding EMC behavior.

The excellent high frequency properties of the unshielded DataTwist cables has won over many users. The well balanced construction and adjoined/bonded cores provide reliability, even for high performance applications. Low radiation and level of immunity to noise of the DataTwist products are important features when compared to standard cables. Just as an example, the 1720A DataTwist cable has a capacitance unbalance which is more than 400% less than that specified in the ISO / IEC IS 11801 standard. The attenuation unbalance is also exemplary; Belden 1720A passed the EMC system test with exceptionally good results. Decide in favor of DataTwist 17XX cables by Belden. Don’t risk using standard cables whose high frequency properties are inferior because of their greater unbalance. Don’t risk the danger that a complete system may no longer meet the European radiation standard or that the system reacts over sensitively to electric fields. With DataTwist you don't take risks.

Belden DataTwist

Simpler and safer connection – an advantage that counts.
The construction of the unshielded DataTwist cables enables an easy, safe and quick connection meeting the EIA/TIA 568 requirements for the connection of plug and socket connectors, even when the cable has been pre-installed. With DataTwist products the chance of making errors during the installation is considerably less than with ordinary twisted pair cables. The special construction of the cables ensures that the pairs do not become untwisted by
themselves. The result: less installation errors and thus less remedial work, costing time and money.

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