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Аbout the company

 The company «Mitsar» — the supplier of cables, wires and electrical equipment since 1994

«Mitsar» — the official dealer, distributor domestic and international electrical equipment vendors: TKD Kabel GmbH, Reka Cables, Cavel, Belden, Sevkabel, Kamkabel, Moskabel, Kavkazkabel, HCA, Concord, Alyur, Pskovkabel, PZEMI, ABB, Legrand, Schneider Electric, IEK, Ostec, DKC, TDM, KEAZ, Electrotechnik, Lighting Technologies, ASTZ, Novatek. The company «Mitsar» has Certificates of Quality Management System / QMS / standard ISO 9001:2008. «Mitsar» has a solid business reputation from its partners as a reliable supplier to enterprises energy, construction, transportation, engineering, petrochemical, pulp and paper industries.

Company history.

 The company «Mitsar» was established in 1994. Soon after the company successfully provided cable supply to the St. Petersburg market it received a dealer certificate from «ELECTROCABEL» PLC, one of the oldest and largest Russian manufacturers of cabling and wiring products. Next years the company has constantly developed and moved forward, realized new projects, increased business investments, entered into a new market segments.

An essential goal of «Mitsar» company is providing customers with a wide range of cables and wires. Also company forms orders with electrical equipment in complex. Company's specialists are highly qualified and experienced experts distinguished by active participation on the market, wide business network and good reputation. This provides a competitiveness and steady growth.

+7 (812) 748-24-84

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